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The Full Spoon

A unique west country catering company with a story to tell


Core Messaging, Branding, Strategy / Marketing / Content Creation


The Full Spoon

The Full Spoon has developed a catering style that appeals to a new foodie generation.

Talented and well-seasoned chefs who through their travels have explored culinary styles from around the world combined with a fondness for local traditions and suppliers.

The task given was to build on the client’s already established good reputation and boost how they marketed themselves.

Starting with the core messaging we learned about the essence and values at the heart of the company, from this we developed the brand identity and strategy.

Using powerful imagery and storytelling we focused on the quality of service and unique experience offer.

“Naomi has a real creative flair, intuitive grasp of what is needed and able to generate creative solutions.

The initial project scoping enabled us to develop a creative marketing package of real value. There was great structure and clarity to every project step. Naomi’s freelance team included a copywriter, photographer and developer – it worked.

The result was branding and a website that really captured where we are and want to go as a business. The website and marketing collateral gives prospects, confidence and the feel-good factor.”

Andy Spooner, Director, The Full Spoon.

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